Episode 13: Suffering and Spiritual Growth

Happy Thursday, other selves! Sorry for the late post, but I’ve been a bit distracted. In any case, Tuesday’s episode features yours truly and Ryan discussing the nature of suffering and its role on our evolutionary path. How can we think about our pain and woe? How does our mind and perspective relate to our suffering? What is the best way to address others’ suffering?

As always, give us your feedback on how we’re doing. Thanks for listening!

Episode 4: Love and Catalyst

This week Ryan and I go all over the place, talking about the nature of catalyst and how it exposes our biases, the nature of love in all of our experiences, and the journey from the intellectual head to the understanding heart. What does it mean to love, to serve, to let go? Join us as we open up a bit about our personal lives as we muse about the vulnerable, reflective, receptive mode that the Confederation suggests. As always, we welcome your feedback, both critical and positive. Thanks for listening!