Episode 12: The Pitfalls of Service

Happy late Tuesday, other selves! Ryan and I return to our old topic of service, its confusing and simultaneously very simple nature. We run into many shadows within when we seek to serve others as they wish, and on this episode we’re going to speak about a few of them. How can we know what others desire? What if we do not wish to serve? What is going on behind the scenes as we make these concrete decisions? How can we adopt a perspective that freely radiates the self without holding back out of fear? As always, chime in with your thoughts.

Episode 10: Indigo Ray, Violet Ray, and Emotions

Happy Tuesday, other selves! In this episode, Ryan and I discuss the final two centers and their mystical, mysterious nature. We then turn to a Q’uo transcript that discusses emotions and their purpose on the evolutionary path. We only get about halfway through reading it, but there is a tie-in between indigo ray and what those of Q’uo call the “way of wisdom” that attempts to transcend emotion. This more intellectual approach to work in consciousness is distinguished from the “way of the open heart” that faces emotions head-on. Next week, we’ll finish analyzing the transcript and focus on the purification of these emotions.

As always, thanks for listening, and drop us a line if you have feedback for us of any kind!

Episode 9: The Green Ray and Blue Ray Energy Centers

Sorry so late, but I was on vacation! Now that I’m back, I can share last weeks episode featuring Ryan and I recapping the first three energy centers and tying them into the next two centers. Green ray is the seat of compassionate, universal love as well as the shadow self. We delve into a Q’uo transcript that addresses the refining of emotions within the green ray heart center. We finish on the blue ray center, the center of honest communication, and discuss how it fits into the development of an entity. As always, give us your feedback, and thanks for listening!

Episode 8: The Red Ray, Orange Ray, and Yellow Ray Energy Centers

Happy Wednesday, other selves! On this episode, Ryan and I start our exploration of the body’s energy system, what are often called the chakras. Using Confederation sources as our guide, we tackle the first three energy centers in the body: red ray, orange ray, and yellow ray. While many who aspire to spiritual or mystical experience prefer the higher chakras, it is in the lower three chakras that many of our deepest and most tangibly workable issues make themselves available to us. Therefore, any hope of getting to balanced green-ray, blue-ray, or indigo-ray relies on balancing at these more basic centers so the Creator’s energy can rise up through our system with minimum distortion.

Thanks for listening, and let us know how we’re doing! We got the episode out a little late, but we’re committed to hitting a weekly cadence whenever possible, so thanks for your patience as well.