Episode 6: Good, Evil, and Polarity

Happy Tuesday, other selves! On this episode, Ryan and I discuss the Confederation’s view of good and evil. How do these cosmic concepts relate to the polarity between service to others and service to self? We mostly spend the whole episode going on tangents related to morality, ethics, and the role the individual plays in all of this. Thanks for listening and let us know how we’re doing!

Episode 5: How can we serve others?

Welcome back, dear listeners! This week, Ryan and I discuss a Hatonn session recently featured on Living Love and Light. The message focuses on the nature of mated relationships, the primacy of knowing oneself, and how those two concepts are tied together. There’s also a brief mention of the archetypal mind, an exploration of catalyst’s origin within the unconscious, and the usual personal anecdotes about the wild ride of incarnate existence. As always, we welcome your feedback, and thanks for listening!

Episode 4: Love and Catalyst

This week Ryan and I go all over the place, talking about the nature of catalyst and how it exposes our biases, the nature of love in all of our experiences, and the journey from the intellectual head to the understanding heart. What does it mean to love, to serve, to let go? Join us as we open up a bit about our personal lives as we muse about the vulnerable, reflective, receptive mode that the Confederation suggests. As always, we welcome your feedback, both critical and positive. Thanks for listening!