Episode 8: The Red Ray, Orange Ray, and Yellow Ray Energy Centers

Happy Wednesday, other selves! On this episode, Ryan and I start our exploration of the body’s energy system, what are often called the chakras. Using Confederation sources as our guide, we tackle the first three energy centers in the body: red ray, orange ray, and yellow ray. While many who aspire to spiritual or mystical experience prefer the higher chakras, it is in the lower three chakras that many of our deepest and most tangibly workable issues make themselves available to us. Therefore, any hope of getting to balanced green-ray, blue-ray, or indigo-ray relies on balancing at these more basic centers so the Creator’s energy can rise up through our system with minimum distortion.

Thanks for listening, and let us know how we’re doing! We got the episode out a little late, but we’re committed to hitting a weekly cadence whenever possible, so thanks for your patience as well.