About the podcast

Welcome to (inaudible), other selves! On this podcast we feature conversations around the philosophy often called the Law of One, most specifically the philosophy promulgated in L/L Research’s channeled material such as the contact with those of Ra. The hosts provide commentary and interpretations of this philosophy, often directly addressing a transcript of a channeling session.

The messages and their philosophy supposedly originate from higher-density or extra-dimensional intelligences who usually claim to hail from an organization called the Confederation of Planets in Service to the Infinite Creator. These communications discuss the Law of One philosophy they follow, their view of events and conditions on our planet, and share advice on how to better participate in one’s spiritual evolutionary path. The purpose of the podcast is to emphasize the aspects of this philosophy and worldview that apply to living our human lives. We expressly do not wish to dwell on the more fantastic aspects of the Confederation’s story such as aliens, conspiracies, alternative histories, and other subjects that don’t really affect our polarization, learning, or growth as spiritual beings.

Your hosts on this podcast are Ryan Masterson, Nithin Reddy, and Jeremy Weiland. Ryan runs the Living Love and Light podcast, releasing daily readings from the transcript archive starting at its beginning in 1972. Jeremy has studied Confederation philosophy for over two decades, and for the last six years has read daily from the archives. Nithin is a longtime student of the Ra Contact. Bringing their highest and best intentions to parsing these messages, they seek to find in these weird, beautiful, inspiring words that inaudible love that this Confederation claims pervades all things. In listening to these conversations, the hosts of (inaudible) hope the listener can identify ways to apply Confederation philosophy to their human lives and thereby accelerate their spiritual growth.

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